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    Hello my friend from UK! You probably know about new Josh´s CD to be released in the UK in November. Have you already seen this website: ? You can sign up to the mailing list and get exclusive news about it and maybe be invited to his performance in UK!!! x x x Renata

    e news, competitions and maybe be invited to an one-off performance!


    Reply from andreabrown:

    Hi Renata!!!
    Yes I read the new post on Josh's website last night, I can't wait for new album!! I signed up straight away to be on his mailing list so hopefully there will be lots of info on Josh coming to uk. Thankyou for your e mail I really appreciate you thinking of me.

    Keep in touch
    Andrea xx
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    Hi thereimage

    Welcome to the boards once more. Are you from England? You said on the boards: "I am from the uk and it's a shame that he is'nt that well heard of over here I'm the only one I know who knows who Josh is. Hopefuly he'll tour the uk sometime in 2009". I thought that England is besides the USA the other country where Josh is well-known and a favorite singer. It´s because he goes to London very often. And there are definitely more Josh´s fans. He has been on Paul O´Grady three times (I think), have you seen his interview on Paul O´Grady in May? He also played in Chess musical in Royal Albert Hall in May. And about his tour in 2009. I hope that he will tour the UK because I have no chance to see him in the Czech Rep. where I live so I want to see him in London. He must have a concert there because I want to see him to much. Renata


    Reply from andreabrown:

    Hi to you!! Yes I saw the interview Josh had with Paul o'grady he was as fantastic as ever!!! I am so desperate to see Josh in concert so hopefuly he will tour uk next year. I am from the north east of england I live about 300 miles away from London, I only wish Josh was as popular here as he is there!!It's good to hear from people like you who appreciate Josh as much as me, it's down to us grobanites to spread the joy of josh.
    Hope to speak to you soon
    Andrea xx